Orange Chicken for Chinese New Year

Orange Chicken

Orange Chicken: Chinese New Year is only a day away and there’s nothing quite like a Beer Pairing to get you in the mood for the Spring Festival celebrations! Homemade whole wheat battered fried chicken pieces slathered in a delicious homemade orange sauce made with homegrown oranges for that bright, citrus zing that can only be provided with “fresh off the tree” fruit. Paired with Crooked Stave’s and Evil Twin Brewing’s Ryan And The Gosling, a 100% brettanomyces (CMY-1, CMY-5, and CMY-7 strains) fermented pale ale brewed with citrus peels, zest, and juice. The beers slightly tart brett funk serves as a foil to the sweetness of the honeyed orange sauce on the chicken, while the citrus peel, juice, zest, and citrus-y hop flavors meshed well with the orange chicken providing for a truly exceptional Beer And Food Pairing.

Orange Peel Chicken: chopped chicken breast (white meat), zest from Homegrown Oranges, whole grain flour, corn starch, egg, grape seed oil, sesame oil, garlic, homegrown scallion, ginger, soy sauce, fresh squeeze orange juice from homegrown oranges, hot peppers, honey, fresh broccoli, on a mound of brown rice.

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