Duck Matzo Ball Soup with a Hillel Sandwich (Korech)

Duck Matzo Ball Soup with a Hillel Sandwich (Korech)

Duck Matzo Ball Soup with a Hillel Sandwich:

Chag Sameach! Today is the last day of Passover 2015, and that means no chametz (no leavened food with wheat, barley, spelt, oats, or rye). So while not traditional, it’s the perfect opportunity to use gluten free beer! Korech sandwich made with pulled beef shoulder roast (braised in New Planet Beer’s Brown Ale), homemade horseradish sauce, bitter herbs, and home baked “Matzah Rolls” made from crushed Streits Matzo whole wheat matzos; accompanied by a springtime duck matzo ball soup made with homemade duck broth, home rendered duck schmaltz, and gorgeous homegrown chive flowers (preserved from last year). Served with Greens Beers’ Dubbel Dark Ale; the dark, sweet, raisin-like dark fruit flavors in the dubbel paired particularly well with the residual sweetness contributed by the brown ale that the beef was braised in, while the herbal bitterness from the arugula and the horseradish provided counterbalance for the meal.

Hillels Sandwich:

Maror (arugula and horseradish), matzah (“Passover Rolls” made with crushed whole wheat Streits matzos, oil, water, eggs, and salt), and meat (beer braised beef made with New Planet’s glute free Brown Ale, salt, matzah meal, oil, a bundle of thyme, chicken stock, and dijon mustard).

Whole Wheat Matzos

Duck Matzo Ball Soup:

Matzo balls made from crushed Streits [of New York, since 1925] 100% whole wheat matzos, eggs, homemade pressure-rendered (delicious, clarified) duck fat (cooked for 1 1/2 hours at about 250 °F), sliced carrots, and then lightened up with some club soda; all floating in a homemade duck stock made with homegrown leeks and organic carrots; garnished with sliced spring onions and homegrown chive flowers.

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